Thomas Henry Tonic Water 20cl Thomas Henry Tonic Water 20cl
Thomas Henry Tonic Water 20cl Thomas Henry Tonic Water 20cl
Thomas Henry Tonic Water 20cl
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Tonic met een hoog kininegehalte en delicate en subtiele citrustoetsen.


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Maximum 2 trays per klant! (1tray = 24 flesjes)

Its particularly high quinine content combined with delicate floral and subtle citrus aromas are key to the unique taste experience of Thomas Henry Tonic Water. No matter which your favourite gin is: mixed with Thomas Henry, it tastes amazing each and every time.

From Medical Drink to the King of Fillers

Hot, humid and full of mosquitoes: gentlemen were breaking into heavy sweat in the tropical colonies of the British Empire, and not infrequently they went down with malaria. Water with quinine from the bark of the cinchona tree (cinchona pubescens) helped. The drink was bitter, much more bitter than today. In colonial India, people came up with the idea to make the healthy drink palatable with gin. This way, the Gin & Tonic was born! Even today, the natural quinine creates a noble bitterness for our Thomas Henry Tonic Water, delivering a mature taste experience.

Bitter by nature

Bitter is the new sweet, and with Thomas Henry Tonic Water we bring it to perfection. Its particularly high quinine content and subtle floral citrus aroma are key for its refreshing taste. Mature, unique, pure enjoyment. Our tonic water makes a subtle yet substantial difference in the classic Gin & Tonic and many other long drinks. It’s all about commitment!

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